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Who made the first move

Cena, he knew Seth liked him but was too nervous to say anything

Who said ‘I love you’ first

Seth, he said it in the heat of the moment while Cena was giving him the best orgasm of his like

How often they fight

Not often, they only really fight when Seth puts his gym clothes in the wrong laundry basket

Whose big spoon/little spoon

John is always the big spoon because Seth loves how it feels to have Cenas huge arms around him

What their nicknames are for each other

John calls Seth baby all the time, and Seth calls him superman, but he does it in a way that John finds adorable

Who’s the better cook

John loves cooking for him and making Seth his favourite dishes, but Seth loves making dessert

Who remembers their anniversaries

They both remember all the important things, except valentines day which for some reason they both forget

Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex)

Seth loves working out, just as much as he loves watching John work out, of course both things lead to sex eventually

Who is dominant in bed

Cena is dominant but at the same times loves to make Seth feel good, he’s a selfless lover most of the time

How they would get engaged

Cena would spend ages trying to convince Seth he wasn’t ready for marriage, so when he dropped to one knee at the end of Raw in front of thousands of people in the love crowd, Seth couldn’t hide his shock

What their wedding would be like

It’d be classy, not too big but one to remember, and they’d let half the divas help plan the wedding because neither have too big of a clue on what they need to sort out for it

How many kids they’ll have

They’ll plan for one but end up having two, which both of them find amazing even though they weren’t expecting it

This was entirely too cute!

And now I want to squeal, smile, and drown in my Sethena feels!

The proposing in front of the live crowd one got me right in the heart!

this isn’t my preferred ship but it’s SO cute! 😂 at Seth putting his gym clothes in the wrong hamper…little jerk

 I am the Captain of the Sethena ship and I need more people on board!

Join me!

*dips toe in water* i’m testing the waters around the area

The water is warm, girl! ;-)

lol - i am warming up to the idea. i think i read a ff with them that i liked. i could be coming around

I have written an embarrassing amount of Sethena, LOL.

just checked. i have one as a favorite 

Oooh! Which one?

We Belong As One. i have another in there too but if i tell you it might reveal my secret identity 

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